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Please note this is a team only special. The systems will be ready for delivery in 1 month. These is a high end compression system. Demo available at Mile 26 Sports.

Bonus - $100 Mile 26 Gift Card with purchase.


Since 2014, we have striven to bring the best value, performance, innovation and industry leading design features to the athletic community. Our newest compression system is our greatest design yet. Completely redesigned from scratch to meet the needs of hard training athletes, our Patent Pending design is the most comprehensive system available on the market today! 


  • Ultra Quiet Cascading Sequential Air Fill Digital Pump. Available in 110V and 220V
  • 2 Legs Sleeves, Right/Left Specific. Featuring a Patent Pending design for maximum leg coverage, dual heavy duty zippers, innovative soft toes foot chamber, removable extended length hose w/ professional grade quick connects
  • System includes our Patent Pending removable and washable Gel Pack Liner. Liner includes 16 custom-made Hot/Cold Gel Packs in an insulated soft cooler to keep your gel packs cold/hot during storage and transportation. See more details below.  
  • Full 2 Year Warranty

* New - Digital Touch Screen Cascading Sequential Compression Pump. Our new pump is smaller,   lighter (full system including boots, pump and hoses only 13lbs), ultra quiet and more powerful than we've ever made. Custom programmed for athletic recovery and featuring a clean retractable handle, this is our nicest pump yet. Pump features 10 levels of pressure with easy to follow Recovery Zones and Massage Zones to ensure you are getting the most productive therapy each time you use your system. Our new level 10 Boost is excellent for isolating specific muscle groups to really give them a good, strong massage. Now available in 110V or 220V 

   * New - Patent Pending  design allows the boots to go further up your leg compared to other systems. This means More Squeeze, More IT Band, More Hamstring, More Quad, More Hip Flexor. Sleeves also now feature continuous air chambers so there are no dead spots in between each chamber. This is a feature normally found only on much more expensive systems. 

   * Comfort is key! If we ever got complaints from our old system, that used the same design as many other brands on the market, it was that the toes being squeezed from the sides was very uncomfortable, even painful at times. So, We set out to make the most comfortable foot design on the market. Our new Soft Toes Foot Pod design is amazing. Full inflation from the Bottom and Top to still completely squeeze the foot but without the uncomfortable side pressure that crushes your toes like others. 

   * Dual Extra Heavy Duty Zippers allows a wider range of leg size use and increased comfort. Zipper Quality ensure years of reliable use.

New, Patent Pending, Gel Pack Liner takes our Compression Boots to the next level! We've created the most comprehensive Athletic Compression Boots on the market, period. Each Easy to add/remove velcro in liner holds 8 custom made Gel Packs for Cold or Hot Therapy.  Boots can be used with or without with the removable liner for the ultimate versatility. Use Cold Packs to soothe sore muscles and reduce Inflammation. Pop in some heat and further stimulate blood flow and encourage muscle glucose up take after hard workouts. Bottom line is our Boots will make your legs feel amazing, Elevating your recovery routine to maximize your potential !